History of Minerva

Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and handcrafts, medicine, music and war. The daughter of Jupiter and Metis, Ovid called Minerva the “goddess of a thousand works”.

She is often depicted wearing a coat of mail, carrying a spear and sometimes accompanied by her sacred creature, the owl, symbolizing her ties with wisdom.

In Greek mythology, Athena shares similar roles.

Named after this extraordinary goddess, Minerva is a bright, cheerful storehouse of knowledge dedicated to handcrafts. With friendly and accomplished staff led by Anne Scott (founder and editor of New Zealand Quilter magazine), Minerva stocks an astonishing selection of books and magazines specially imported from around the world.

More than 4000 titles are currently in stock, and the scope includes books on quilting, embroidery, knitting, crochet, dollmaking, fabric dyeing, textile history, fashion, interior design and textile crafts. And for those who can't decide, gift vouchers are also available.


Minerva also stocks an unparalleled range of beautiful cards, boutique magazines, gorgeous hand dyed threads, quirky art dolls, exquisite calendars and unique gifts.  





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